Her Name Is Zelda
a tribute to an extraordinary woman

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Her Name Is Zelda      

Everyone wants to know her. Even in New York City where spirits are jaded and everyone claims to have seen it all, people stop and stare and wonder at this woman with the life map of wrinkles, theatrical makeup, shock of white hair, and colorful African garb. She is a muse to painters, and photographers, filmmakers and fashion designers. Bikers and barflies, club kids and African children continents away embrace her. Whether enduring or fleeting, their relationships with her begin with an inevitable question: Who is she? “Her Name Is Zelda” is a portrait of a magnetic and enigmatic 85-year-old, Zelda Kaplan, whose inspiring story is about transforming an ordinary life into the extraordinary simply by living it to the fullest.

In a society known for turning away the elderly, 85-year-old Zelda Kaplan shatters the stereotypes of what it means to get older, what it means to be a woman, and what it means to live. 
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